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How to use stock photos to make your nutrition business stand out

Andrea Hardy discusses how to ensure you don't misuse other photographers’ images and shares her top five photo resources. 

Andrea-Hardy-HS1.jpgAndrea Hardy completed her dietetics degree at the University of Alberta and runs a private practice, called Ignite Nutrition Inc. She is a huge advocate for ensuring dietitians are seen as the go-to nutrition experts online. Andrea runs e-courses and a blog to help dietitians stand out on social media. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, or  get in touch with her via email at

I started a blog as a way to get my voice heard through all the nutrition noise out there, as I am sure many other dietitians do. I wanted a way to stand up to all those self-proclaimed “nutrition gurus” prescribing 12 bananas a day as the holy grail to better health.

I assumed that people would rather hear quality nutrition advice, and naively believed growing a following would be easy. Well, as I’m sure all you bloggers out there know, that is not the case. continue reading

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