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The growing season of retail dietitians

Nicole Fetterly is the Nutrition Operations Manager at Choices Markets in British Columbia, a chain of natural and organic supermarkets. She is a busy mom of two kids, ages five and three, with whom she loves to cook and who helped her proudly win the Popular Vote in this year’s BC Dairy Foundation Better Together Hands-On Cook-Off Contest! Nicole plays an education and advocacy role for her sector of the profession and recently spoke at Grocery Innovations Canada on the ROI of retail dietitians.

I always knew I wanted to work as a supermarket dietitian, even back while attending university a decade ago. It seemed like the best time and place to reach people with nutrition education—when they are making their decisions about what foods to bring home.

Back then there were only one or two retailers in BC and a couple more across the country with a nutrition program. Even when I finally did make the shift from clinical practice to a retail position four years ago, I was one of only a handful of dietitians doing this kind of work. It was pretty obvious when I attended Dietitians of Canada conferences and other dietitian events that I was in a tiny minority.

The tide is turning
This year something happened that really opened my eyes to the emerging market of retail dietitians. continue reading

Beyond bar graphs: The unexpected discoveries of research

Brandon completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University where his research projects focused on pediatric obesity. Currently, he is a full time term faculty member at Mount Saint Vincent University and a research assistant at the IWK Health Centre. To date Brandon has received funding from CIHR, NSERC, was recognized as a Scotia Scholar by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation and most recently was awarded the Atlantic Region and National Morgan Medal by the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research.  You can reach Brandon at

My throat is dry and palms sweaty as I frantically search my pockets for my emergency thumb drive and stare at a white apple on a grey screen, slowly coming to terms with the reality of a failed hard drive. It’s my first day of lecturing 80 undergraduate students enrolled in Introduction to Macronutrients.
Four months earlier ... continue reading

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