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Sport nutrition: 5 important considerations for dietitians working with athletes

Dietitian Vincci Tsui shares her top five takeaways from an intensive 4-day sport nutrition course.

VincciHS1.jpgVincci Tsui is a registered dietitian practicing in Calgary, Alberta. She is passionate about helping elite and recreational athletes reach their personal best with real nutrition solutions that fit into their busy, active lifestyles. Vincci has been practising Muay Thai for years and is hoping to finally win a fight in 2016! She is a social media addict and can be found on Twitter @VincciRD, on Instagram @vincci_t, and on her website at

Last November, I attended a 4-day intensive sport nutrition course in Calgary, held jointly by the Dietitians of Canada Sport Nutrition Network and Sports Dietitians Australia. Many dietitians flew in from across the country for the event.

The course was packed with practical knowledge from some of the top experts in the field, as well as many opportunities to get hands-on with the information and network with other dietitians. You can read tweets from the event by searching the #DCSNN hashtag on Twitter.

There were many exceptional learning experiences and memorable moments throughout the course, but I have narrowed these down to my top five takeaways ... continue reading

3 simple ways to upgrade your ethical decision-making skills

Sarah Hewko, dietitian and doctoral candidate, discusses how investing in your moral development can enhance clinical performance.

SHHS1.JPGSarah Hewko, RD, MHA, PhD(c) is a health services researcher with a particular interest in health human resources and performance management. For her doctoral research, she is seeking to better understand retirement decisions among health care professionals. Sarah is currently on the Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors and is chair-elect for the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research Board of Directors. She recently published a paper in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior titled, “Strengthening Moral Reasoning Through Dedicated Ethics Training in Dietetic Preparatory Programs.” Sarah lives in Edmonton with her husband and two children. You can reach her at or on Twitter @Sarah_Hewko.

In my experience, registered dietitians are ethical, conscientious, and patient-centered health care professionals. However, as is true of all skills – the skills required to effectively negotiate ethical problems can be sharpened and honed to enhance effectiveness and minimize work-related stress.
For me, dedicating time to enhancing my ethical problem-solving skills has led to me feeling more confident as I approach ethical decision-making in my practice. As a result, I am less likely to carry around residual stress in the days and weeks following a particularly difficult decision or case.
The importance of honing these skills first became clear to me ... continue reading

An intern learns about type 1 diabetes – bootcamp style [Camp Huronda part 2]

A soon to be RD shares her unforgettable experience interning at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes.

AM-Headshot1.jpgAustina Mui is a graduate student in the Master of Health Science program (Nutrition Communication) at Ryerson University. She values helping others achieve healthier lifestyles through her professional and volunteering experiences. Austina also has a passion for working with children and adolescents. After completing an internship placement at Camp Huronda this past summer, Austina plans to pursue a career in chronic disease management and health promotion with the pediatric population. You can connect with her through LinkedIn or at

I never would have imagined an internship placement in Huntsville, Ontario – sleeping in a cabin, overlooking Lake Waseosa, being surrounded by nature’s best, spending time with young campers, and exploring the great outdoors. But, here I was doing just that at Camp Huronda!
As I arrived on the campgrounds and stepped out of my car, I was surrounded by wilderness. I could see Lake Waseosa in the distance, hear animals calling from afar, and smell the freshness of the air around me. Everything seemed so foreign to me, but I was ready to embark on this new learning adventure. continue reading

“Look at what the dietitian is eating” – Part 2

A small-town RD from Nova Scotia shares her take on how to respond to comments about your food choices.

LLHS1.jpgLynette Amirault is a true East Coast girl. She loves the ocean and is fiercely proud of her French Acadian heritage. Lynette loves her work as a clinical dietitian at the Yarmouth Hospital in Nova Scotia. Occasionally, you may find her volunteering her time speaking to community groups about good nutrition, where she mostly tells people to worry less about analyzing labels and eat more vegetables instead. Leave a comment for Lynette below!

I was born and raised in rural Nova Scotia (NS). I have lived here all my life, except for the few years I pursued my post-secondary education. After returning to NS to complete my dietetic internship, I started working here as a dietitian.

My friends and colleagues affectionately know me as, “The One Who Knows Everyone.” The converse is also true: after practicing as a dietitian in the community hospital for 15 years, most people know who I am and what I do. It’s no surprise that there are people who may pay particular attention to what I eat when I’m out in public with my family, or even what I choose to eat at work. continue reading

Coming face to face with the profession: Top 3 reasons to attend the DC National Conference

A seasoned dietitian attends her first Dietitians of Canada National Conference and shares why she wants to see you in Winnipeg next year.

SLHS1.jpgSteph Langdon is a Saskatoon based dietitian and entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping people lead healthier and happier lives with a focus on performance, prevention, and creating healthy habits. Steph is a food industry consultant and spokesperson, workshop facilitator, and a writer/blogger – when her role as a new-mom allows! You can reach her at, connect on LinkedIn or follow her on facebook or twitter @NutrishusRD.

With so many educational opportunities and often limited funds for professional development (especially when you’re self-employed), I had yet to attend the Dietitians of Canada (DC) National Conference.

When I started my practice, I was very focused on sports nutrition and as such, I attended sport related conferences. I had yet to attend a conference that was primarily RDs (we’re often outnumbered at Canadian sport conferences!). This year, I had the opportunity to attend my first DC National Conference with my colleagues from SaskMilk, which was nice as I had a few familiar faces in the crowd.

The conference started and right away I had a great feeling about it! Hundreds of RDs filled the room to hear Daniel Germain, from Breakfast Clubs of Canada, kick us off and remind us of the conference theme: stronger together. What a great theme. continue reading

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