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Are you interested in writing for Practice?

Every member has interesting stories to tell.  What do you want to share? Here are some blog post ideas you could use as a starting point:
“A day in the life”: Do you work in an unusual or unique practice setting that readers might not be familiar with or have misconceptions about? Or maybe you work somewhere “typical” but have an “atypical” client population.  Do you do something not normally considered dietetics?  Or maybe you’re pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a dietitian.  Share your journey. Share your day-to-day experiences. Inspire.
Research sharing:  Have you recently been involved in research or evaluation?  Tell us about your project.  Why did you undertake it?  What were you hoping to find out?  Did you enjoy working on it? Why or why not? Regardless of the setting, we all work on projects that something never get attention, shed some light on a project that you’re passionate about!
“Aha” moments:  Here’s your chance to share your self-reflection.  Did you have a specific experience, interaction with a client or colleague, success or failure that made you pause and say, “aha!”.  Tell us your story and what your learning moment meant to you.
Travel:  Did you have a travel experience (pleasure or professional) that questioned or reaffirmed your thoughts/positions/knowledge as a dietitian? 
Program/community development:  Were you involved in the planning/implementation/evaluation/promotion of a new program or community project?  Tell us about your experience.  What were the challenges, rewards, successes, failures, outcomes, future implications for the program and for you!
Student/intern experiences:  We want to hear from future dietitians. You may want to self-reflect on your entire student/intern experience (but take a unique point of view and not just a chronological retelling) or pick a particular experience that resonated with you and impacted your current or future choices. What advice do you have for your fellow students/new grads? Would you have done anything differently?
Professional Development experiences:  Did you attend a conference, workshop, presentation, seminar, course that is changing the way you practice or made you stop and pause?  Tell us about it.  What did you learn?  What made it so fantastic?  What can others get out of it?
Advocacy/”hot” issues: Is there a popular (or even unknown) food, nutrition, health or policy issue that you are passionate about?  Tell us what you did to make a favourable change or bring attention to a new issue.  This should not be about picking a hot topic and debating it.  Instead share how you took action so that others can learn and initiate their own change.
These ideas are just some of the possibilities for sharing on the Practice Blog.  Do you have an idea for something else?  Please contact me at

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