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Dietitians of Canada wants to see trans fats banned in Québec Restaurants

Sep 16, 2014

QUÉBEC, QC  - Dietitians of Canada-Québec supports the petition presented to the National Assembly of Québec this afternoon by MNA François Bonnardel. The petition calls for trans fats to be banned in Québec Restaurants.
 “In 2014, it is mistaken to think that industrial trans fats have been completely eliminated from the foods we eat. Restaurant foods like fried foods, donuts, pastries and cakes often contain industrial trans fats,” says Caroline Dubeau, Dietitian and Regional Executive Director in Québec for Dietitians of Canada.
"Dietitians are ready to cooperate and work with the Québec government to remove trans fats from foods served in restaurants," says Ms. Dubeau. Recall that Dietitians of Canada supported the removal of trans fats in British Columbia; the first Canadian province to have acted on this issue. In addition, at the federal level, members of Dietitians of Canada participated in the Trans Fat Task Force. The final report of this group, TRANSforming food supply, was published in 2006.
Studies show that industrially produced trans fat can increase the risk of heart disease. Trans fat is known to raise ‘bad’ cholesterol and lower ‘good’ cholesterol levels. Intake of trans fat should be reduced as low as possible. This is why intake of trans fat should be as low as possible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the total amount of trans fat consumed per day should be less than 1% of calorie intake. Daily intakes of trans fats in Canada are estimated to be 3.4g (1.4% of caloric intake) indicating room for improvement.
An easy way to avoid industrial trans fats is to cook from minimally processed foods.

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