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How Canadian dietitians are unlocking the potential of food

Mar 14, 2018

Dietitians Day is an opportunity to celebrate how dietitians make a difference

This Nutrition Month, dietitians are helping Canadians Unlock the Potential of Food, highlighting that food is much more than nourishment. On March 14, Dietitians of Canada will celebrate Dietitians Day and the important work dietitians do every day to help Canadians Unlock the Potential of Food, making a difference in the lives of Canadians from coast-to-coast.

“Dietitians work in many diverse roles,” says Nathalie Savoie, dietitian and CEO of Dietitians of Canada, “but at the core, dietitians are passionate about the potential of food to enhance lives and improve health, and they are driven by curiosity to understand the science behind it. Dietitians collaborate with other health professionals, undertake scientific research, drive innovation in the food industry, inform public policy and work with patients and communities across the country. Today we celebrate these contributions.”
Undertaking scientific research and shaping policy
Dietitians are committed and required to stay on top of emerging research, skills and techniques. Dietitians like Dahlia Abou El Hassan, Misty Rossiter, Dawna Royall, Heather Tufts, Katherine Jefferson, and Jillian Ingribelli conduct and analyze scientific research. Their work is translated into better care for patients and used to shape policy to support healthy communities by dietitians like, Stephanie Cook, Coralee Hill, Betty-Ann Horbul, Glendora Boland and Marjorie Scott.

Creating healthier food environments
When the healthier choice is the easier choice, communities benefit. Working with schools, hospital administrations, community programs, policy makers and with food industry, dietitians like Mélissa Couture- Léger, Gina McGraw, Jane Pryor, Brenda Macdonald, Lynn Blackwood, Carolyn Chu and Laurie Currie are doing just that.
Providing comprehensive, rigorous education, training and mentorship to dietitians
Innovation in dietetic education is being driven by new opportunities for skill development, the creation of diverse internship placements and mentorship opportunities as well as innovation in knowledge translation and interprofessional roles.  Dietitians like Cathy Paroschy Harris, Megan Cowan, Frances Johnson, Kerry Grady-Vincent, Andrea Miller, Natasha Haskey, Wendy Shah, Jill Wheaton, Julie Urbshott and Janet Madill are making a difference.
Looking beyond fads and gimmicks, to deliver reliable, life-changing advice
There is no shortage of information on food and nutrition, but not all of it is accurate. Dietitians like Sarah Remmer, Cara Rosenbloom, Sue Mah, Becky Blair, Anne Marie Armstrong, Kara Parsons, Samara Felesky-Hunt and Frances Johnson provide evidence-based food and nutrition information in the media, online and to their patients, clients and communities.

The dietitians mentioned in this release are recipients of a 2017 member award. A full list of recipients is available at
About Dietitians Day
Dietitians Day is celebrated across Canada during Nutrition Month (March). It celebrates dietitians as health care professionals, committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills in food and nutrition to improve the health of Canadians. Dietitians Day also raises the profile of dietitians and helps encourage and attract others to this worthy, satisfying and respected profession.
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