SFS Leadership Team


The Leadership Team for the SFS Initiative is comprised of DC members with expertise in sustainable food systems, drawing from different sector backgrounds and geographic regions. Our team is a mix of academics, consultants and practitioners.  We view “sustainability” as more than environmental sustainability – it’s also about social, community and economic sustainability.  The Team meets about once/month, since December 2016.
Team members include: 

Liesel Carlsson
Liesel Carlsson, Co-chair
Nova Scotia
Roxane Wagner
Roxane Wagner, Co-chair
Jennifer Brady
Eric Ng
Eric Ng
Barb Seed
Barb Seed
British Columbia
Fiona Yeudall
Fiona Yeudall 
Nazima Qureshi
Nazima Qureshi *
* on leave
** retired from committee

SFS Advisory Group  

In addition to the volunteer members in the Leadership Team, a number of DC members served as an Advisory Group for the Team. 

  • Kerry Cuthbert (MB)
  • Irene Laskowski (ON)
  • Lynn Roblin (ON)
  • Tracy Sanden (SK)
  • Diana Balicsak (ON)
  • Marta Dingle (NB)
  • Michaela Bohunicky (MB) (member until October 2017)

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