Who are the SFS Leadership Team?

Liesel Carlsson

Liesel is a dietitian and lecturer in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics at Acadia University. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and is a doctoral student in Strategic Sustainable Development at Blekinge Institute for Technology in Sweden. She volunteers to support garden-based learning and sustainable food policy in her area.
Nova Scotia

Roxane Wagner

Roxane is a community dietitian with First Nation communities and consults with organizations on sustainable economic development opportunities. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Systems and operates a third generation family farm in Saskatchewan. She volunteers with RCE Saskatchewan, an organization providing local communities education for sustainable development.

Jennifer Brady

Jennifer is an Assistant Professor in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University. Her work focuses on dietitians' and other health professions' roles in food and social justice, as well as feminist perspectives of health, food, and eating.
Nova Scotia

Pamela Fergusson

Pamela is a dietitian in private practice in Toronto, and she also contributes to teaching in the nutrition department at Ryerson University. Pamela holds a PhD in Nutrition. She volunteers at the Toronto vegetarian food bank, and is busy raising 4 kids on a plant-based diet.

Eric Ng

Eric is a Health Equity Specialist at Toronto Public Health and a sessional instructor at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He has practiced dietetics in public health, community health, mental health, and dietetic education. His professional interests include food insecurity, mental health, health equity and social justice.

Laurie-Anne Patenaude 

** retired from committee
Laurie-Anne served within the Leadership Team in 2017, while she was living in New Brunswick, working for the provincial Ministry of Agriculture. Laurie-Anne has since made changes in her work and residence and is no longer able to participate. We thank Laurie-Anne for her contributions to the fledgling year of the team.
New Brunswick

Barb Seed 

Barbara is an RD with a PhD in food policy. She currently works as a consultant, focusing on integrating nutrition, food systems and the environment. In 2013, Barbara led the development of the first dietary guidelines in Qatar – one of the first in the world to include sustainability principles.
British Columbia

Fiona Yeudall

Fiona is an Associate Professor (PhD, RD) at Ryerson University. Her studies at the Universities of Guelph and Otago, and work in Ottawa, Hamilton and Mangochi fueled her interest in sustainability and social justice. She teaches and studies sustainable food systems, livelihoods and their food and nutrition security outcomes.

Nazima Qureshi

** on leave
Nazima is currently on leave from her professional work, at home with a newborn baby. She hopes to join us again in the future.

Pat Vanderkooy, MSc, RD

Pat worked with Dietitians of Canada (DC) from 2011 to 2019, as the Public Affairs Manager for food and nutrition issues. She coordinates DC responses to government consultations and DC position papers. Pat has a broad practice background in public health, clinical, teaching and private practice. She loves to cook!