November 2011


How to coach on eaTracker

Dietitians of Canada’s eaTracker has recently been revised to help consumers track their eating and activity choices, analyze their recipes, plan their meals and set goals for healthy eating and physical activity.

Did you know?

The coach area is where you can connect with your clients and coach them on eaTracker. 

How to I register as a dietitian coach? 

Go to the “My Coach” tab. Enter your DC email address and password you use with DC. Once approved, the “My Coach” tab will change to “My Clients” on eaTracker. If you wish to use eaTracker for your own self assessment you should use an alternate email address for that and keep your DC login for coaching purposes. 

How do I start coaching on eaTracker?

You can invite a client to be coached by you on eaTracker by sending them an email invitation. Any client you invite should already be someone you have met and agreed to work with as their Registered Dietitian. 

Should I charge for this service?

Registered Dietitians who work in publicly funded health services may be able to provide eaTracker coaching at no charge as part of the health system services in your province. If you are a private practice dietitian you may feel it is appropriate to charge a fee for this service. However, the ability to review clients’ eating and activity records prior to visits will certainly save you a lot of time so you may want to incorporate this as part of your consultation fee. Clients may have more than one Registered Dietitian coach if they are part of a health care team.

How Do I use eaTracker for coaching?

Go to the “My Clients” page on eaTracker. Click the “+” beside “My clients” to see the list of clients who have accepted you as their coach. You can organize your clients into different groups according to your practice (e.g. weight management, diabetes, etc.). To work with a specific client, click on the blue “work with” button. This will allow you access to your client’s eaTracker pages. Your client will have approved you to have access to their pages when they accepted your coach invitation. 

How do I make comments on my client’s eaTracker?

You can review and provide comment on your client’s food and nutrient intakes, suggest new eating targets or goals and suggest changes to the food choices in their pantry or meals (e.g. a lower fat milk product, a higher fibre cereal, or some foods that are lower in sodium). On the “Eating Targets” page you can comment on their food guide servings or macronutrients range. You may also set a new target for each of the nutrients. Click “add” to make a comment or recommendation. On the “goals” page you may write a specific goal for your client. As a coach you will also be able to view your client’s eating feedback history and provide comments. It would be beneficial for you to suggest that your client enter their food and activity choices for several different days so that you can see patterns in their food and activity choices.

Check it out at and start using eaTracker to coach your clients.

If you have tried coaching your clients on eaTracker we would appreciate hearing your comments. 

NEWS FLASH!!  We are pleased to announce that the Recipe Analyzer nutrient output has been changed to match eaTracker. This includes the addition of the nutrients saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. Analyses of recipes previously entered and saved will now show the new aligned nutrient analysis.


Lynn Roblin
Nutrition Consultant for eaTracker