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Beyond COVID-19: HEAL’s recommendation for a healthier nation

The DC community has vocalized the issues that dietitians are facing on the front lines since the beginning of the pandemic.  These issues have been shared regularly with Federal, Provincial and Territorial government officials by DC, through membership on the Organizations for Health Action (HEAL) COVID-19 Task Force. You can now see these issues outlined in a new consensus document of over 40 national health organizations. Read the press release here.
DC’s participation in the development of the HEAL consensus document, aligns with DC’s new strategic plan. Being the national voice of dietitians involves promoting the value of dietitians to key stakeholders and leveraging relationships with national organizations and different levels of government to influence what matters to dietitians, like national standards in long-term care, access to dietitian services, and the rising rates of household food insecurity. If these issues are important to you, consider renewing your membership or joining DC today. DC will continue to collaborate with stakeholders and government on these and other issues to support the health of Canadians through COVID-19 and beyond. 
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