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Dietitians working in the healthcare system need supports from the Federal government

Dietitians of Canada is a member of the Organizations for Health Action (HEAL), a coalition that includes all Canadian health professional associations. HEAL's mission is to improve the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive. A HEAL COVID-19 Task Force, which includes Marie-Ève Guérette St-Amour as DC’s representative, meets weekly to discuss the pressing issues of healthcare professionals, like dietitians, are facing.

Front line issues affecting all healthcare workers that have been prioritized include:
  • The emerging scarcity of various resources, including protective gear, equipment (such as ventilators) and healthcare workers.
  • The impact of clinic closures on both patients and providers (including financial duress) as well as limited attention to populations already vulnerable due to social and economic exclusion.
  • The concerns of front-line healthcare workers exposing their families to COVID-19 while working on the front lines.
  • The need for expediting the training of healthcare professionals to be better prepared to carry out instructions or directives for treatment.
  • The roadblocks to virtual care delivery, delaying much needed access to services (including technology requirements, reimbursement and health profession regulatory issues).
In acute care:
  • Shortages of enteral nutrition formula and feeding equipment, which were forwarded to the Health Canada Drug Shortage Unit.
In long term care:
  • Staffing issues related to dietitians being limited to one facility as per public health requirements.
  • Incidence and impacts of malnutrition in the community and in long term care.
  • Food service delivery requiring adaptation to align with physical distancing and isolation requirements.
In home care:
  • Support needed for access to virtual nutrition care.
Marie-Ève Guérette St-Amour's role is to ensure the voice of dietitians is heard around the table and issues important to dietitians are brought to the Minister of Health’s Office. “Our health system relies on a team-based approach, with doctors, dietitians and dozens of other professionals working together to provide care. We must tackle COVID-19 in the same way”, says Marie-Ève.

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