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Learn more about the Atlantic region's new Board of Director representative

The Board of Directors would like to congratulate Lynn Blackwood as the new Regional Director, Atlantic Region. She joins Debra McLennan, as the new Regional Director for Alberta and the Territories. 

Here are some experiences and insight that Lynn feels will be valuable to the Board and ultimately, to you, the members of Dietitians of Canada:

“As one of the few Indigenous dietitians in Canada I have a unique point of view. In the time of post Truth and Reconciliation it is important that our profession gain a better understanding. As well, gaining diversity among the Board is a huge asset to our professional organization. Sharing knowledge is an important value of many Indigenous groups as well as one of my own values. Some of the best knowledge sharing happens when food is shared — food is not merely nourishment but also culture, knowledge, power, and enjoyment.”
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