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DC Board of Directors share “What we heard from members in 2020”

Date: February 11, 2021

The past year has been a year of change, adaptation and learning in so many different areas of society, and 2021 promises to continue to challenge us all, yet this new year also brings much to look forward to for the Association. Continual learning and growth are essential to the actions and responsibilities of the Dietitians of Canada (DC) Board of Directors.

In 2020 the Board released new organizational priorities for DC. These priorities developed over 18 months, involved the consultation of members and a close examination of the profession’s future in Canada and beyond. DC members told us they wished for a more diverse, inclusive and valued profession and looked to DC to lead and support the hard work of taking action on these priorities. With this information, DC developed the association’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

In June of 2020, the Board of Directors held the annual Member- Board Dialogue to deepen our understanding of Members’ values and priorities. Following the virtual event, all members were invited to respond to the Board’s annual survey from June to August. During the virtual event and in the online survey, Members were asked:
  1. to identify the organizational priority of most importance to them, and
  2. to share their views on what belonging to a mutually supportive, engaged, diverse and inclusive professional community means to them and for the association.
The Board of Directors is pleased to share with members what we heard in this infographic. 

Click here to enlarge the infographic

What you told us:
We asked all respondents what belonging to a mutually supportive, engaged, diverse, and inclusive professional community meant to you and how it impacts DC now and in the future. Three themes emerged:
  1. Diversity and Inclusion
    • DC will take action to ensure the Association and the profession reflect the diversity of Canada
    • A more diverse DC will allow all members to better address and serve the health needs of the many individuals, communities and populations all dietitians care for.
  2. Belonging and Community
    • DC should be a safe place to connect, where all members are valued and where you can support, teach and learn from one another.
    • More diverse perspectives, voices, backgrounds, talents and skills that can be celebrated will make the profession richer.
  3. Advocacy and Equity
    • DC upholds social justice values and advocates for the changes needed to support marginalized groups’ access to dietetic education.
    • The profession will evolve, grow and thrive when we support marginalized groups and increase the profile of all DC members.
What comes next on the Board’s work plan?
The main areas the DC Board will focus on in the coming year are:
  1. Reviewing the Board structure and nomination process to ensure a greater diversity of Board Member backgrounds, voices, perspectives and skills.
  2. Looking at the barriers to dialogue and communications between the Board and Members and develop new approaches to hear from a greater proportion of DC’s growing membership.
  3. Continuing to learn and address the need for continual growth, education,
    receptiveness, and leadership as DC embraces a more diverse, inclusive,
    skilled, and valued profession.
As Board members, our role is to look outward and into the future to help the Association succeed. The year 2020 has demonstrated how challenging it is to anticipate what will happen, but we believe that DC’s new organizational priorities and strategic plan will allow all of us to face the future, adapt, and thrive as a profession and Association.
As I begin the final months in my role as Chair of the Board of DC, I am excited for the future of DC. The changes over the past few years have been significant and have put DC on the right path for a positive future.

Please contact the board at with any comments or feedback you may have.

Carol Donovan
Chair, Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors
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