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Nutrition Month 2021: Good For You! Dietitians help you find your healthy.

Date: March 1, 2021

March is Nutrition Month and this year dietitians across Canada are coming together to help you find your healthy. The campaign from Dietitians of Canada focuses on the message that healthy eating looks different for everyone, recognizing the role that culture and food traditions, personal circumstances and nutritional needs play in determining what is “Good For You.” 

“As dietitians, our role has less to do with instructing, and more to do with listening. Rather than telling our clients what they need to do in order to achieve the "ideal" health standard, we help them find their healthy,” explains Julia Liber, dietitian and Nutrition Month spokesperson. 

“There’s this misconception that there is only one way of eating well,” adds Sharmini Balakrishnan, dietitian and Nutrition Month spokesperson, “but how can that be true when there are so many systemic, structural, and cultural factors that determine one’s health and thus, how they eat? As a dietitian, it is important to work together with communities while we all advocate for racial equity, income security, affordable housing, and many other key system changes, which will ultimately support health for all.”

Throughout March, dietitians in communities and workplaces across the country will be sharing how they can help you find your healthy, taking into consideration your culture and food traditions and nutritional needs as well as your personal circumstances. Are you ready to find your healthy? There are many ways to find a dietitian near you.

To help you celebrate Nutrition Month, Dietitians of Canada has prepared an Activity and Ideas guide, free Recipe e-Book and other resources available at

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About Nutrition Month

Dietitians of Canada has led the annual Nutrition Month campaign in Canada for over 35 years. The public awareness campaign reaches millions of Canadians, with activations across the country, led by Dietitians of Canada, individual dietitians, students as well as other stakeholders.

Dietitians of Canada is grateful to the Nutrition Month Official Communications Ambassadors who help share Nutrition Month messages with Canadians including the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, the Canadian Public Health Association, Nutrition Connections, the Canadian Nutrition Society, Diabetes Canada, Childhood Obesity Foundation and the Ontario Optometrist Association. 

Thank you to Nutrition Month Official Sponsor Dairy Farmers of Canada and Benefactor who help bring Nutrition Month 2021 to Canadians.

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