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A new partnership to better support French-speaking dietitians with professional development

Date: February 4, 2021

Dietitians of Canada is proud to announce that a greater range of professional development sessions will be available in French on the Learning on Demand platform, thanks to a new partnership with ÉquipeNutrition.
A winning partnership for the profession
ÉquipeNutrition has decided to join forces with DC to benefit the entire profession, bringing their experience gained from setting up quality online training courses for its team of more than 50 professionals.
It is in this spirit of collaboration that DC, in partnership with ÉquipeNutrition, is making the training Chirurgie bariatrique - Types, complications et intervention [Introduction to Bariatric Surgery - Types, Complications and Interventions] available on Learning on Demand. 
"It is with great pride and enthusiasm that the dietitian-nutritionists at ÉquipeNutrition lend their resources and expertise to benefit the entire profession. Our goal being to help promote dietitians-nutritionists and we feel fortunate that DC has chosen to share our professional development sessions." - Guillaume Couture, President and Chief Innovation Officer - ÉquipeNutrition
Further professional development sessions will be made available in the coming months. This partnership is in addition to a previous partnership with Nutrium that made it possible to offer a wide variety of sessions in French on the Learning on Demand platform.
Support career excellence
Dietitians of Canada recognizes the need for dietitians to keep themselves up-to-date in nutrition in order to provide quality services to the public. The online Learning on Demand library is a great place to look for learning opportunities on a variety of topics in English and French. For nearly 20 years, DC has provided innovative online learning, contributing to the professional development of dietitians and the advancement of the profession.
You can visit the Learning On Demand platform at any time and view content on demand.
About ÉquipeNutrition 
ÉquipeNutrition is a company offering nutritional consultations to the private sector as well as technological solutions. Their team of dietitians - nutritionists is guided by the company's mandate: Innovation, progress, support, and professionalism.
Driven by a philosophy of excellence, ÉquipeNutrition promotes the importance of continuous professional growth and is proud to actively contribute to this mission with DC for the benefit of the entire profession.

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