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Dietitians support translation of Canada’s Food Guide Snapshot in 26 additional languages

Dietitians of Canada joined Federal Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, this afternoon as she announced the translation of Canada’s new Food Guide Snapshot into 26 additional languages beyond English and French. Speaking at the event, Jennifer Buccino, Regional Executive Director, Ontario for Dietitians of Canada, acknowledged the importance of the translated resources as well as the efforts of sixteen dietitians who supported the translation. 
“When we can provide resources in the languages our patients and clients speak, we create a more positive and comfortable space to talk about food and nutrition,” said Buccino.  “The translation of Canada’s new Food Guide Snapshot into 26 additional languages will help dietitians and health care professionals start more conversations about healthy eating with the patients, clients, and communities they serve.”
Dietitians of Canada has previously commended Health Canada on the inclusion of traditional foods, cultural diversity and environmental sustainability as key considerations in Canada’s new Food Guide. “Food unites families and communities and is more than a source of nutrients,” said Buccino. “Food has the potential to heal, to prevent disease and to bring us together to celebrate our diverse food traditions. We were pleased to see the diversity of food choices, including traditional foods, represented in the Food Guide Snapshot and are now pleased to see that it is available in additional languages including nine indigenous languages.”

About Dietitians of Canada
Dietitians of Canada (DC) is a professional association with strong roots connecting diverse members across all areas of food, nutrition and health. DC proudly represents dietitians, fostering growth and passion in the profession through advocacy, engagement and professional development. After more than 80 years, DC remains an innovative organization with strong member leadership and common purpose: to advance the health of Canadians through food and nutrition.  

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