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Instigating & Implementing Eating & Physical Activity Behaviour Change: A Lifestyle Intervention Manual & Toolkit. 2nd Edition.

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Are you working in the area of diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease? Want practical guidance on conducting client-centered conversations around lifestyle improvements? Instigating and Implementing Eating and Leisure-Time Activity Behaviour Change: A Lifestyle Intervention Manual and Toolkit is for you!  2nd Edition updated Spring 2012.

Developed by Dr Hollie Raynor, a Psychologist and Registered Dietitian, this is a hands-on resource support to dietitians and other health professionals for conducting client-centered care (from assessments, to treatment, goal setting and follow-up) around lifestyle improvements, specifically diet and physical activity, in individuals with diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. This resource contains worksheets on conducting a client-centered assessment, treatment planning, stimulus control and eating cues, problem solving, decisional balance, goal setting, rewards, ways to stay motivated, and relapse planning. It also examines basic counseling skills and therapeutic stance, several counseling theories, and specific intervention strategies. Finally, it contains a list of additional resources for more information.
This Manual and Toolkit promises to be a practical resource to assist in implementing a client-centered, motivational interviewing style in your practice.  French translations of the worksheets in Section 7 and 8 are included.  Also note that an online course to facilitate using the Manual and Toolkit will be coming in Fall 2012.

If you are a member of the DC Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Network, you may access this resource at no cost through your Network website.

If you are interested in a bulk purchase for your institution, please contact carolclarke.rd@sympatico.ca for more information.