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Healthy Start Prenatal Posters (English)

CDN $67.50
Pregnancy Posters … It’s hard to find simple, compelling posters; these get attention. Each set of 9 posters is art-quality, black and white, 18"x 24" and convey positive messages about pregnancy. The key messages relate to emotional and physical health in pregnancy. They include "Eating well is a gift to my baby", "It's never too early in your pregnancy to get prenatal care", "Pregnancy isn’t easy but I’m learning". The women in the posters are former participants of a community program and represent several cultural groups.

For a preview of all 9 posters, please click here.

A former program under Dietitians of Canada sponsorship, Healthy Start for Mom & Me is a pregnancy and parenting community outreach organization in Winnipeg funded by the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program and Healthy Child Manitoba. Posters raise additional funds and support interpreting for newcomers to Canada.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery