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Healthy Start Postnatal Posters (English)

CDN $67.50
Baby Posters... Special and easy-to-remember messages about infancy. Each set of 11 posters is art-quality, black and white, 18"x 24" and conveys positive messages about baby care. They relate to infant nurturing and nutrition and feature captivating photographs of babies from a community program. Poster messages are simple and memorable with captions such as "Always kiss me goodnight", "Hold me every chance you get", "Trust mother's milk", "Learning to eat takes practice".

For a preview of all 11 posters, please click here.

A former program under Dietitians of Canada sponsorship, Healthy Start for Mom & Me is a pregnancy and parenting community outreach organization in Winnipeg funded by the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program and Healthy Child Manitoba. Posters raise additional funds and support interpreting for newcomers to Canada.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.