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Jessica Tong

Vancouver, BC

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Jessica is passionate about helping clients achieve their nutritional goals. Services include meal planning, grocery store tours, media interviews, group seminars, facility menu audits, and one-on-one nutrition consultations. Consultations include a thorough assessment of baseline nutritional status, goal establishment, behavioural change model exploration, progress-tracking, and follow-up.

Jessica is located in downtown Vancouver, BC and is a licensed member of the College of Dietitians of BC. 

Media Experience

  • Written media (eg. newspapers, blogs, magazines)
  • Radio (recorded or live)
  • On Camera (recorded or live)

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Practice & Focus

Keyword Practice Focus
Keyword Practice Focus
Obesity/ weight loss/ weight management/ weight control/ lose weight/ healthy weight
Swallowing/ dysphagia
Heart/ stroke/ cardiac/ High blood pressure/ hypertension
Underweight/ weight gain
Arthritis/ Gout
Cancer/ oncology
Diabetes/ hypoglycemia/ blood sugar/ hyperglycemia/ hypoglycaemia/ hyperglycaemia
Kidney/ liver/ pancreas/ gall bladder/ pancreatitis/ cirrhosis/ Liver disease/ hepatitis
Celiac Disease/ Digestive disorders/ gastrointestinal disease/ GI/ Crohns/Crohn’s/Colitis/ Irritable Bowel
(Nutrient) Deficiency
Immune system
Osteoporosis/ Bone
Keyword Practice Focus
Children/ schoolage/ school age/ school
Youth/ teen/ adolescent
Infant/ baby/ babies/ toddler
Seniors/ old/ older
Keyword Practice Focus
Athletic performance/ sport
Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw
Active living/ fitness/ exercise
Cultural food
Menu planning
Food preparation/ cooking
Food & Nutrients
Keyword Practice Focus
Vitamin C/ vitamin E/ Selenium/ carotenoids/ carotene/ vitamin A
Calcium (and related bone nutrients)/ phosphorus/ magnesium/ vitamin D/ fluoride
Electrolyte(s)/ water/ hydration/
Carbohydrate/ carb
Energy/ Calorie(s)
Fat/ omega
Protein/ Amino Acid(s)
(Food) labeling/ label/ package
Fibre/ (whole) grain
(Food & nutrition) trends
Keyword Practice Focus
Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
Dietary Assessment
Education/ teaching
Nutrition Screening/ Assessment/ dietary intake
Writing/ articles/ website/ blog
Mentor/ Coach/ counseling/ counselling.
Clinical Standards/ Practice Guidelines
Long term care/ long-term care/ longterm care
Media/ Public Relations/ Communication
Contracting and Outsourcing
Food Analysis/Nutrient Analysis/recipe analysis
Grocery store/ tour
Presentation/ Workshop/ seminar/ speaking/ speaker/ speeches
Recipe/ Food Product (Development)/ product (development)
Cooking (Classes)/ Food Demonstrations/ food demo

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"I am very impressed by Jessica's knowledge of nutrition and her attentive follow-up to make sure that I achieve my goal. With her guidance, I learned to eat smart and my body fat percentage decreased within a month." - Chuck
"I found out I was eating incorrectly all this time, even when I thought I was not. Before meeting Jessica, I was eating something sugary each day, but now I can go days without it. I recommend Jessica; she is full of knowledge of a subject we have not been taught properly." - Sam