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Samara Felesky Hunt

BSc nutrition

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Samara Felesky-Hunt is a registered dietitian in private practice. Since 1994, Samara has developed a successful nutrition consulting business. She works with her clients at THE Downtown Sports Cllinics specializing in weight management, sports nutrition, heart disease and vitamin supplementation. She is a well know in corporate Calgary and the community as a nutriton expert, nutrition educator and an accomplished speaker. Samara had a very popular newspaper nutrition column entitled "Eat Well" in the Real Life section of the Calgary Herald which ran for over 7 years. She is often interviewed by magazines, newspapers, television and local radio for her practical nutrition advice.

Samara is a co-author with the University of Calgary of two books, "Stress Mastery" and "Bridging Health Care with Self Care. She recently wrote the nutrition sections for the "Breast Cancer Supportive Care" manual in Calgary.  She does weekly workshops at the Prostate Cancer Centre to men post-op. Samara was nominated for the Dietitians of Canada Vision 2020 award.

In her practice, Samara consults to individuals, corporations, health clubs and sport teams. She has consulting arragements with the Glencoe Club, Earth's own (So Nice, ryza), Weston foods, and Suncor Energy. She develops very successful nutrition programs that ensure optimal health and wellness. Samara is committed to promoting healthy eating and assisting individuals, families and companies to reach their full nutrition potential.

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Media Experience

  • Written media (eg. newspapers, blogs, magazines)
  • Radio (recorded or live)
  • On Camera (recorded or live)

Contact Information

The Downtown Sports Clinics Suite 250, 444 - 7th Avenue SW  Calgary, Alberta T2P 0X8 4032337007 

Practice & Focus

Keyword Practice Focus
Allergies/ Intolerance/ Allergy/ Sensitivity
Anemia/ Blood Disorder
Arthritis/ Gout
Cancer/ oncology
Celiac Disease/ Digestive disorders/ gastrointestinal disease/ GI/ Crohns/Crohn’s/Colitis/ Irritable Bowel
(Nutrient) Deficiency
Diabetes/ hypoglycemia/ blood sugar/ hyperglycemia/ hypoglycaemia/ hyperglycaemia
Eating disorders/ anorexia/ bulimia
Environmental illness/ chemical sensitivities
Heart/ stroke/ cardiac/ High blood pressure/ hypertension
Obesity/ weight loss/ weight management/ weight control/ lose weight/ healthy weight
Osteoporosis/ Bone
Underweight/ weight gain
Fertility/ polycystic ovarian syndrome/ reproduction
Hyperactivity/ ADD/ ADHD/ attention deficit
Immune system
Skin/ acne
Keyword Practice Focus
Infant/ baby/ babies/ toddler
Children/ schoolage/ school age/ school
Youth/ teen/ adolescent
Keyword Practice Focus
Alternative therapy/ alternative therapies/ complementary therapy/ complementary therapy/ supplements/ herbs/ vitamin (supplements)/ mineral (supplements)
Athletic performance/ sport
Menu planning
Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw
Active living/ fitness/ exercise
Body image
Food & Nutrients
Keyword Practice Focus
Vitamin/ mineral/ nutrient supplements
(Food & nutrition) trends
Food disappearance/ food consumption/ food patterns/ eating patterns
(Food) fortification/ enrichment
(Food) labeling/ label/ package
Food processing
Food regulations
Food safety
Genetically modified (foods)/ GMO
Natural health products/ NHP
Non-nutritive substances (sweeteners, caffeine, etc)/ artificial sweetener
Novel foods/ nutraceuticals/ functional foods
Vitamin C/ vitamin E/ Selenium/ carotenoids/ carotene/ vitamin A
B vitamin(s)/ choline/ folic acid/ folate/ B/ b/ B6/ B12/ niacin/ thiamin/riboflavin
Calcium (and related bone nutrients)/ phosphorus/ magnesium/ vitamin D/ fluoride
Electrolyte(s)/ water/ hydration/
Sodium/ potassium
Carbohydrate/ carb
Energy/ Calorie(s)
Fat/ omega
Fibre/ (whole) grain
Protein/ Amino Acid(s)
Nutrition Surveillance/ Monitoring
Organic (Foods)
Keyword Practice Focus
Community Development
Conference (Planning)
Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
Dietary Assessment
Education/ teaching
Food Analysis/Nutrient Analysis/recipe analysis
Grocery store/ tour
Media/ Public Relations/ Communication
Mentor/ Coach/ counseling/ counselling.
Nutrition Screening/ Assessment/ dietary intake
Population/ public health/ health promotion/ policy
Presentation/ Workshop/ seminar/ speaking/ speaker/ speeches
Program/ Planning/ Evaluation
Writing/ articles/ website/ blog
Contracting and Outsourcing
Cooking (Classes)/ Food Demonstrations/ food demo
Marketing/ advertising/ ads/ advertisement
Quality Assurance/ Benchmark

Weight management, media, presentations and workshops

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Samara has given me confidence in making the right healthy food choices for me based on my age, gender, activity level and health goals. She is amazing to work with and made it easy for me to follow. I was so confused with all the information out there in the media and my personal trainer that I didn't know what to eat. Samara set up a life nutrition plan for me and I am grateful.
The nutritional plan that Samara designed for me worked like a charm!! I have more energy, more focus, and have lost weight. I am eating better and so is my whole family....thanks to Samara!