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Joanna Stochla



Joanna Stochla is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Nutrition and a Bachelor’s in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph. She is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and holds memberships with Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Obesity Network. Joanna is also a certified Craving Change Facilitator. 

Joanna has a passion for nutrition and health, and is committed to educating her clients to make appropriate food choices specific to their needs. She believes in the importance of finding practical strategies with her clients that work for their lifestyle. Joanna provides a supportive and non-judgemental environment to empower her clients to achieve their nutrition and health goals.


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Keyword Practice Focus
Keyword Practice Focus
Allergies/ Intolerance/ Allergy/ Sensitivity
Anemia/ Blood Disorder
Celiac Disease/ Digestive disorders/ gastrointestinal disease/ GI/ Crohns/Crohn’s/Colitis/ Irritable Bowel
(Nutrient) Deficiency
Diabetes/ hypoglycemia/ blood sugar/ hyperglycemia/ hypoglycaemia/ hyperglycaemia
Heart/ stroke/ cardiac/ High blood pressure/ hypertension
Metabolic syndrome
Obesity/ weight loss/ weight management/ weight control/ lose weight/ healthy weight
Osteoporosis/ Bone
Underweight/ weight gain
Kidney/ liver/ pancreas/ gall bladder/ pancreatitis/ cirrhosis/ Liver disease/ hepatitis
Metabolic disorder
Keyword Practice Focus
Children/ schoolage/ school age/ school
Youth/ teen/ adolescent
Seniors/ old/ older
Keyword Practice Focus
Active living/ fitness/ exercise
Athletic performance/ sport
Dental (health)/ tooth/ teeth
Food preparation/ cooking
Low income/ food security/ poverty/ poor
Menu planning
Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw
Body image
Cultural food
Alternative therapy/ alternative therapies/ complementary therapy/ complementary therapy/ supplements/ herbs/ vitamin (supplements)/ mineral (supplements)
Food & Nutrients
Keyword Practice Focus
Natural health products/ NHP
Non-nutritive substances (sweeteners, caffeine, etc)/ artificial sweetener
(Food & nutrition) trends
(Food) labeling/ label/ package
Novel foods/ nutraceuticals/ functional foods
Vitamin C/ vitamin E/ Selenium/ carotenoids/ carotene/ vitamin A
B vitamin(s)/ choline/ folic acid/ folate/ B/ b/ B6/ B12/ niacin/ thiamin/riboflavin
Calcium (and related bone nutrients)/ phosphorus/ magnesium/ vitamin D/ fluoride
Electrolyte(s)/ water/ hydration/
Vitamin/ mineral/ nutrient supplements
Sodium/ potassium
Carbohydrate/ carb
Energy/ Calorie(s)
Fat/ omega
Fibre/ (whole) grain
Protein/ Amino Acid(s)
Keyword Practice Focus
Dietary Assessment
Education/ teaching
Food Analysis/Nutrient Analysis/recipe analysis
Marketing/ advertising/ ads/ advertisement
Mentor/ Coach/ counseling/ counselling.
Nutrition Screening/ Assessment/ dietary intake
Population/ public health/ health promotion/ policy
Program/ Planning/ Evaluation
Recipe/ Food Product (Development)/ product (development)
Writing/ articles/ website/ blog