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Elke Sengmueller

B.A.Sc., RD
Toronto, Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Unionville, King City, Tottenham, Bradford, Keswick, East Gwillimbury

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I am an experienced family-care focused clinician, having provided a full range of medical and behavioural nutritional services to individuals ranging from premature newborn to the elderly for over 20 years. I have provided up-to-date and evidence-based care for medically complex patients in ICU, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Neonatology/Pediatrics, Mental Health, Eating Disorders, and Neurology Units and keep my knowledge current through a variety of continuing education avenues.
In addition to providing advanced therapeutic nutritional care including tube feeding and IV (parenteral) nutrition, I have co-authored a book (ASD: The Complete Health and Diet Guide), contributed to the Dietitians of Canada role paper on Healthy Eating for Mental Health, spoken nationally at conferences, provided meal planning to community agencies, and conducted independent medical evaluations for automobile accident claims disputes.
SPECIALTIES: Digestive disorders (i.e. IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac, Chronic Constipation, Reflux (GERD), Fatty Liver Disease and others); Eating disorders; Emotional Eating; Child and teen nutrition concerns (i.e. picky eating).  The foundation of my expertise in Eating DIsorders stems from working with teens & adults since 1998 in various provincial treatment centres, at CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), and in private practice.
I use a non-dieting mindful approach to healthy eating, follow a Health at Every Size philosophy ( and consider foundations of eating psychology to explore personal habits and eating challenges. Weight loss diet programs are not provided. Treatment plans are individualized and based on a client's detailed health assessment, goals, and needs. Food is emphasized over supplementation although natural health products may be judiciously recommended as needed.  

Media Experience

  • Written media (eg. newspapers, blogs, magazines)
  • On Camera (recorded or live)

Contact Information

  17665 Leslie St.Unit 10 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 3E3 905-713-5209 

Practice & Focus

Keyword Practice Focus
Keyword Practice Focus
Addiction/ mental health
Allergies/ Intolerance/ Allergy/ Sensitivity
Anemia/ Blood Disorder
Arthritis/ Gout
Cancer/ oncology
Celiac Disease/ Digestive disorders/ gastrointestinal disease/ GI/ Crohns/Crohn’s/Colitis/ Irritable Bowel
(Nutrient) Deficiency
Diabetes/ hypoglycemia/ blood sugar/ hyperglycemia/ hypoglycaemia/ hyperglycaemia
Eating disorders/ anorexia/ bulimia
Food and drug interactions
Heart/ stroke/ cardiac/ High blood pressure/ hypertension
Hyperactivity/ ADD/ ADHD/ attention deficit
IV/ tube feeding/ enteral
Immune system
Kidney/ liver/ pancreas/ gall bladder/ pancreatitis/ cirrhosis/ Liver disease/ hepatitis
Metabolic disorder
Metabolic syndrome
Neurological disorders/ brain
Obesity/ weight loss/ weight management/ weight control/ lose weight/ healthy weight
Osteoporosis/ Bone
Palliative care
Skin/ acne
Swallowing/ dysphagia
Underweight/ weight gain
Wound (management)
Critical Care
Keyword Practice Focus
Pre-term infants/ preemie
Infant/ baby/ babies/ toddler
Children/ schoolage/ school age/ school
Youth/ teen/ adolescent
Seniors/ old/ older
Keyword Practice Focus
Active living/ fitness/ exercise
Body image
Cultural food
Dental (health)/ tooth/ teeth
Food preparation/ cooking
Low income/ food security/ poverty/ poor
Menu planning
Physical disability/ physical disabilities/ mental disability/ mental disabilities
School food (policies/ food services)
Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw
Food & Nutrients
Keyword Practice Focus
(Food & nutrition) trends
(Food) labeling/ label/ package
Food safety
Novel foods/ nutraceuticals/ functional foods
Vitamin C/ vitamin E/ Selenium/ carotenoids/ carotene/ vitamin A
B vitamin(s)/ choline/ folic acid/ folate/ B/ b/ B6/ B12/ niacin/ thiamin/riboflavin
Calcium (and related bone nutrients)/ phosphorus/ magnesium/ vitamin D/ fluoride
Electrolyte(s)/ water/ hydration/
Vitamin/ mineral/ nutrient supplements
Sodium/ potassium
Carbohydrate/ carb
Energy/ Calorie(s)
Fat/ omega
Fibre/ (whole) grain
Protein/ Amino Acid(s)
Organic (Foods)
Non-nutritive substances (sweeteners, caffeine, etc)/ artificial sweetener
Keyword Practice Focus
Advocacy/ Issue (Management)
Corporate Health & Wellness Programs
Dietary Assessment
Education/ teaching
Grocery store/ tour
Long term care/ long-term care/ longterm care
Media/ Public Relations/ Communication
Mentor/ Coach/ counseling/ counselling.
Nutrition Screening/ Assessment/ dietary intake
Presentation/ Workshop/ seminar/ speaking/ speaker/ speeches
Writing/ articles/ website/ blog

Author- (2014) ASD: The Complete Autism Spectrum Disorder Health and Diet Guide

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The provincial regulatory body, the College of Dietitians of Ontario, discourages use of testimonials by its members for advertising purposes. As a result, references for Elke Sengmueller, RD are available only upon request.