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Cathy is a Registered Dietitian, who has enjoyed counselling people about nutrition and healthy food choices since 1986. She has counselled people privately, part time, for 30 years. Since July 2013, she has extended her consultation hours to Monday to Thursday, from 12 to 9 pm.

Until July 2013, Cathy complemented her private practice by working part time as a dietitian at the The Ottawa Hospital, 12 years at the Cancer Centre and 15 years as a dietitian, mostly in research studies related to high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, overweight, and early kidney disease.

She annually selects and completes 2 nutrition continuing education study projects to remain current in her nutrition knowledge and its application.

Cathy is available for 75 minute private counselling sessions on Mondays in Ottawa and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Orleans, at the 3 medical centres listed below. Her fee is $120 for an initial 75 minute session.  She can also be reached at her email address:




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Contact Information

Nutrition Counselling - Thursdays 1-9 PM 6497 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd N(at Orleans Blvd, towards the river) ORLEANS, Ontario K1C 2R1 613 841 8500 

Nutrition Counselling------MONDAYS 1-9 PM 1935 Bank Stjust south of Walkley Rd Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8A3 613 521 2391 ext 140 

Nutrition Counselling ------ TUESDAYS 1-9 PM Suite 100- 2555 St Joseph Blvd  Orleans, Ontario K1C 1S6 613 294 4311 

Practice & Focus

Keyword Practice Focus
Keyword Practice Focus
Anemia/ Blood Disorder
Arthritis/ Gout
Cancer/ oncology
Celiac Disease/ Digestive disorders/ gastrointestinal disease/ GI/ Crohns/Crohn’s/Colitis/ Irritable Bowel
Diabetes/ hypoglycemia/ blood sugar/ hyperglycemia/ hypoglycaemia/ hyperglycaemia
Heart/ stroke/ cardiac/ High blood pressure/ hypertension
Kidney/ liver/ pancreas/ gall bladder/ pancreatitis/ cirrhosis/ Liver disease/ hepatitis
Metabolic syndrome
Obesity/ weight loss/ weight management/ weight control/ lose weight/ healthy weight
Osteoporosis/ Bone
Underweight/ weight gain
Keyword Practice Focus
Children/ schoolage/ school age/ school
Youth/ teen/ adolescent
Seniors/ old/ older
Keyword Practice Focus
Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw
Food & Nutrients
Keyword Practice Focus
(Food) labeling/ label/ package
Non-nutritive substances (sweeteners, caffeine, etc)/ artificial sweetener
Vitamin C/ vitamin E/ Selenium/ carotenoids/ carotene/ vitamin A
B vitamin(s)/ choline/ folic acid/ folate/ B/ b/ B6/ B12/ niacin/ thiamin/riboflavin
Calcium (and related bone nutrients)/ phosphorus/ magnesium/ vitamin D/ fluoride
Electrolyte(s)/ water/ hydration/
Vitamin/ mineral/ nutrient supplements
Sodium/ potassium
Carbohydrate/ carb
Energy/ Calorie(s)
Fat/ omega
Fibre/ (whole) grain
Protein/ Amino Acid(s)
Keyword Practice Focus
Dietary Assessment
Mentor/ Coach/ counseling/ counselling.

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