Nutrition Month 2016 Factsheets

Posted: Jan 28, 2016

Each week, our new tips, strategies and ideas inspired Canadians to make small, positive changes to their meals and snacks.

We created five fact sheets  that featured the weekly topics. Print these to distribute for counselling  sessions, presentations, food demos or workshops. Put them on display at your workplace, community center, or anywhere you see fit, any time you like!

Week 1
Get ready by choosing a small, meaningful nutrition goal to work on throughout Nutrition Month and any time.

Week 2
This week focuses on making food decisions that support individuals’ goals. Ideas include cooking more meals at home, choosing nutrient-rich foods and substituting ingredients.

Week 3
This week, we provide strategies for Canadians to be aware of for selecting realistic portion sizes during their 100 Meal Journey.

Week 4
Because taste is the number one reason for food choice, this week focuses on nourishing meal and snack ideas that are delicious!

Week 5
Every journey encounters detours along the way. This week’s tips will equip Canadians with doable strategies to put in place during their own 100 Meal Journey and make healthy eating stick!