Nutrition Month 2018 Factsheets

Posted: Jan 16, 2018

We created five factsheets that feature the examples of this year’s campaign. Print these to distribute for counselling sessions, presentations, food demos or workshops. Put them on display at your workplace, community center, or anywhere you see fit, any time you like!

DOWNLOAD the complete set of 5 factsheets.
TÉLÉCHARGEZ la série de 5 fiches d'information.

Stay energized by planning nutritious snacks into your day.

The Potential to Fuel
Le pouvoir de nourrir  

Foster healthy eating habits in children by teachning them to shop and cook. 

The potential to discover 
Le pouvoir de faire découvrir   

Understand how food can prevent chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The potential to prevent 
Le pouvoir de prévenir  

Learn how food can promote healing and how dietitians work in health care teams and make a difference.

The potential to heal
Le pouvoir de guérir 

Enjoy the benefits of bringing families and friends together with food.  

Managing a Condition
The potential to bring us together
prise en charge d’une maladie
Le pouvoir de rassembler