Promote Nutrition Month


Help us promote Nutrition Month

Celebrate Nutrition Month by planning and promoting activities at home, at work or in your community.

  • E-mail clients, community contacts, and/or the media daily or weekly with nutrition and active-living tips, recipes, and links to the Nutrition Month consumer fact sheets.
  • Have copies of Nutrition Month resources on display or available in your workplace, lunchroom, and/or on patient trays.
  • Provide Nutrition Month resources to your child’s teacher to share with the class.
  • Ask local health clubs, stores and restaurants for permission to leave copies of Nutrition Month resources in public areas.
  • Invite colleagues and clients to visit Dietitians’ of Canada Website at
  • Contact a local dietitian to provide your work, social group or school with a presentation.
  • Encourage your local media to use healthy eating stories and coverage of Nutrition Month events using our Find a Dietitian tool.

Nutrition Month: Guidelines for using logo and slogan

  • The Nutrition Month slogan and logo can only be used by DC members in local activities and by Nutrition Month Official Sponsors.
  • Download a special message and the Nutrition Month logo for workplace newsletters – for non-commercial use only
    NOTE: Factsheets are covered by copyright and may be reproduced in their entirety as long as acknowledgment is given to Dietitians of Canada and the campaign sponsors.
  • For all other usages, permission will be granted on a case-per-case basis. Written permission must be obtained from DC to use the slogan or graphic. To obtain permission from DC for theme or artwork use, as described above, or if you have questions. 
    Contact us at

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