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Member Blogs

The following blogs are written by Dietitians of Canada members and proudly feature the  Dietitians of Canada Member Blog Badge. 

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April Saunders - Eats by April : Gluten-free recipes for busy moms with gluten intolerance
Alfredo Angione - Dietitian Blog : Simplifying nutrition for everyday performance
Melissa Aubertin-Coutu — Melissa's Vegan Kitchen : A vegan cooking and gardening site
Sanaz Baradaran — Online Nutrition Advice : Short reads on general nutrition topics
Brooke Bulloch — Food to Fit Nutrition : Recipes, nutrition and health education, tips
Tanya Brown — Tanya Brown,RD : Nutrition Simplified
Andrea Carpenter — NutriKidz : Family nutrition information, advice, and recipes
Olivia Farrow — Nourished Nest Nutrition : Nutrition for babies and toddlers
Irena Forbes — Let's Taste Canada : A tasty adventure of Canadians, food, food security, and the food system
Karissa Giraldi — The Splendorous Celiac : Intuitive eating and allergy-friendly recipes
Karine Gravel — Karine Gravel, nutritionniste et docteure en nutrition : Alimentation intuitive
Kristyn Hall — Energize Nutrition Blog : Nutrition education and health coaching in midlife
Andrea Holwegner — "The Chocoholic Nutritionist" & Health Stand Nutrition Team : Health without guilt or complexity
Jennifer House — First Step Nutrition : Helping to make feeding families easier
Whitney Hussain — Whitney Hussain, RD : Digestive health, sustainable and practical nutrition
Norine Khalil — Lifeberry Nutrition : No-fuss nutrition tips for women
Zeina Khawam — The Foodie RD : Improving your relationship with food
Shauna Kime — Health Stand Nutrition Dietitian Team Blog : healthy joyous relationships with food
Jean LaMantia — Cancer Bites : Cancer, lymphedema, intermittent fasting and recipe for wellness focused readers
Sue Mah — Nutrition Solutions  : Nutrition news, trends & media clips
Sue Mah & Lucia Weiler — Nutriton for NON-Nutritionists : Food and nutrition trends / news
Krystal Merrells — Feed your brain. Nourish your mind. : Brain injury nutrition by a survivor for survivors
Cristel Moubarak — Cristel Moubarak : Intuitive eating, health at every size, non-diet & weight-inclusive Information and Educational posts for women
Nicole Osinga — Osinga Nutrition : Your Go-To For Plant-Based Meal Prep
Maude Perreault — Family & Co. Nutrition : Helping parents work together and conquer picky eating
Jess Pirnak — Jess Pirnak : Gut health/celiac disease tips and tricks
Rosanne Robinson — Blueprint Nutrition Blog : Pediatric & Sport nutrition
Lisa Rutledge — Lisa Rutledge, RD : Support for Intuitive eating and body acceptance
Rosie Schwartz — Enlightened Eater : Healthy and delicious eating demystified
Jana Spindler — Health Stand Nutrition Dietitian Team Blog : healthy joyous relationships with food
Nicole Stevens — Lettuce Veg Out : Vegan Recipes and Nutrition
Cheryl Strachan — Sweet Spot Nutrition : Practical, delicious eating for people living with heart disease
Richelle Tabelon — FaithFull Eating : Food, faith, fitness and family!
Monika Urbanski — NutritionREALIZED : Mind-body-motivation-guided nutrition
Jill Wallace — Nurture The Future Nutrition : Prenatal and family nutrition
Angela Wallace — Angela Wallace : Family nutrition and recipes
Lucia Weiler — Lucia Weiler : Food & nutrition trends / news & eating tips
Alyssa Ramuscak — The Zesty RD : Bringing a side of zest to all things food and nutrition
Andrea Toole — The Dietitian Feed :  Nutritious recipes and meal preparation inspiration
Shauna Kime, Jana Spindler and Alison Friesen — Health Stand Nutrition Dietitian Team Blog : Healthy joyous relationships with food
Olivia Farrow — Nourished Nest Nutrition : Nutrition for babies and toddlers
Kristen Yarker — Kristen Yarker Nutrition : Professional and practical nutrition for busy people
Bracha Kopstick — BeeKay Nutrition : Nutrition for healthy adolescents 
Valerie Dussault — Valerie Dussault : Food is medicine
Zuvia Nasee — Zuvia's Nutrition Blog : Welcome to the science of nutrition
Tracey Frimpong — That Black RD : Black dietitian shaking the room
Teresa Maiorano — Live and Love Nutrition : Recipes and information for healthy living
Joel Barohn — BC Dairy Association : Nutrition education for health and wellness
Caroline Doucet — Nourished by Caroline : Vegan recipes and plant-based nutrition
Serena Benali — In Good Nutrition : A healthier, happier relationship with food.

If you would like to see your blog listed and to receive your virtual badge, apply today using this form

Blog should meet the following criteria*:
  • Written by a dietitian who is a member of Dietitians of Canada
  • Is a current, active blog that is at least 3 months old and updated at least once per month
  • Primary focus on food, nutrition and health
  • Includes an “about” section in which the author is identified as a dietitian
  • Educational vs. promotional, not overly focused on selling products or services
  • Evidence-based information, scientifically sound advice
  • Does not violate the intellectual property rights of others, consistently abides by ethical blogging as well as DC principles of professional practice and any guidelines from your provincial regulatory body
  • Displays the DC Member Blog Badge

*Criteria adapted from the Nutrition Blog Network. Dietitians of Canada does not verify the adherence of listed blogs to the criteria above.
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