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Dietitians from across the Canada have taken the time to prepare videos to inspire you to plan, shop and cook healthy plus more…. Link to one or more for your next healthy eating display or presentation or take a few minutes to watch one or more now. They are all under 2 minutes each. You can also view all our videos on our YouTube channel.

  • 9 videos to inspire you to eat better at work and during your commute

  • 15 videos to inspire you to get in the kitchen and simply cook!

  • 12 videos to help you plan, shop and cook healthy

  • 14 videos that bust common myths about salt, sugar, fat and more.

  • 25 videos providing information to parents and care providers on healthy growth and development of children

I am a Dietitian

What's a Dietitian? Stephanie, Abbey, Adam and Christy explain!

Afternoon Slump?

Kate Comeau discusses how to avoid an afternoon slump with better lunch choices.

Food Guide Myth

Gina busts the myth that if you eat from Canada's Food Guide you'll gain weight!