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DC's EDI journey

In 2021 Dietitians of Canada began a process of self-examination to look honestly at where we stand on equity, diversity and inclusion. By creating the space to reflect, learn and adjust, we are better positioned to achieve our mission of building a community where all members experience a sense of belonging, support and connection. In order to continue being relevant and impactful in ways that are inclusive and equitable, we need to be honest about where we have been, where we are, and what changes are needed to move forward.
In the fall of 2021, we hired Canadian equity, diversity and inclusion consulting firm HRx to assist us with this process from a third-party, objective lens. HRx reviewed our policies and procedures; spoke to our leaders, members and employees; conducted a demographic and inclusion survey; and analyzed our internal data to assess any gaps between the opportunities and experiences of people based on their age, race, gender, and other diversity dimensions. We would like to recognize and thank the passionate voices within our membership who have been advocating for this work, as well, we are deeply grateful to the over 800 people who participated in this effort - listening to their experiences, insights and hopes has helped shape our path forward.

The findings from this work confirmed a lack of diverse representation among DC members, particularly for Indigenous Peoples, immigrants, people who do not speak English or French as their first language, and people with a disability, but also highlighted increasing diversity with younger generations.

It showed a need for DC to prioritize inclusion by engaging members who have been committed to EDI and giving voice to people from marginalized communities, as well as solidifying and articulating our commitment to this work. As it stands, the culture is not inclusive to people of diverse socioeconomic status, racial identities, immigrants and people of all body sizes.

Watch the EDI Audit presentation (September 2022)

In our plans moving forward, we will work to remove systemic barriers for people of diverse backgrounds to enter the profession and generate a stronger sense of community and support services for all members.

There is momentum within DC to advance this work, and overwhelming support from the membership. We do recognize however, that it takes time to make systematic and sustainable change. It won’t always be straightforward or comfortable and it will require perseverance, humility and care, but our collective efforts will have an impact.

Read the Commitment Statement

If you have any feedback, questions, or would like more information about the equity, diversity and inclusion work at Dietitians of Canada, please contact: or 
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