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All Access Pass With the All Access Pass, you have full access to the entire Learning on Demand library of webinars and presentations. Assessing Needs and Setting Priorities in Population and Public Health: Workbook This two-part resource with PowerPoint and workbook will support learners to achieve specific entry-level competencies and performance indicators within the Integrated Competencies in Dietetic Education and Practice. Consulting Dietitians Network 2022 Fee Guidelines These are the most up-to-date fee guidelines for dietitians in private practice and consulting. Dietitians in Private Practice: A Guide for the Consultant This is the comprehensive manual you need to assist in the planning, implementing and sustaining of your own thriving dietetic-based business. Letter for registration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) DC members may apply for registration eligibility with CDR. Learn more here. MOP™ Toolkit (Motivation over the Phone) This toolkit provides practical tips and strategies on how to use behaviour change techniques in your counselling sessions using the MOP approach. Post a classified ad Use the classified ad service to share information about your workshops, events and surveys with DC members. Post a job ad for a dietitian Share your job posting with 5000 DC members. Request for course extensions, exam rewrites and certificates Online Courses and Learning on Demand webinars have a 90 day access period from the date of purchase. Request a course extension here.
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