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All fees come into effect July 1, 2020 and are for a 12 month period.  You have the option to pay upfront or in regular installments.

Read the FAQs about our recent fee udpates


You are a dietitian and registered with a Canadian dietetics regulatory body (provincial college):

Full membership -  $350
First-time member - $150

  • This is your first time joining as a member.
  • You are moving from a student membership to the full member category.
Second-year member - $250
  • You were a first-time member last year.
Part-time employment - $200
  • You are currently employed less than 21 hours/week.
Parental leave - $200
  • You are on full-time parental leave.
Retired (for former DC members and Registered Dietitians) - $150
  • You are permanently retired from work and aged 55 years or over.
  • You are permanently retired from work and no longer able to work due to a medical condition.

You are a student or recent graduate:
Student Status - $50
  • You are enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program in dietetics, food science, or nutrition science at a Canadian university.
  • You are completing your dietetic internship or practicum program.
Full-time graduate student - $50 
  • You are enrolled in a full time post-graduate degree program in food and human nutrition, food science or nutrition at a Canadian university.
Dietetic graduate (This option is available for two years post-graduation) - $150
  • You are a graduate of an accredited undergraduate program in dietetics, food science, or nutrition science at a Canadian university, and are applying or awaiting a practicum placement.

Refer-A-Member Program

All members are invited to refer a new or lapsed member (has not been a DC member in the past 365 days. The new or returning member must meet the criteria for first-year, part-time (new) or full membership. The referring member will receive a refund of $50 for EACH eligible member they refer.

If you have questions about your membership registration, please contact Customer Service.
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Last updated: June 23, 2020
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