Program Match


Dietitians of Canada coordinates the annual Program Match for post-degree Practicum Programs. An online system is used to match applicant choices with available Program openings. This is a very competitive program, and a limited number of positions are available. Fewer than 50 per cent of the candidates who apply are selected each year.

To participate, applicants must:

  1. register in the online match program,

  2. submit a complete application package, and
  3. pay the required application fee to each program they wish to apply to.

The 2019 Program Match Application Packages are now available. Please see side banner. 

See this list of Frequently Asked Questions for further information

How to apply

  • Mid-September: Program Match Application Pacakge and Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program Form are available. 
  • Early December: Participants may register in the Match System through the DC Store.
  • Mid-January: Deadline for registration, submission of all required documents and selection of program choices.
  • Mid-March - early April:  Applicants notified of outcomes of program selections.

Important Information for students interested in Post-graduate Practicum placement opportunities in Ontario:

Due to legislative changes in Ontario, new partnerships between universities and hospital-based programs are being explored. This is a complex task, not only because of the rapidly approaching 2019 post-graduate selection deadline, but because everyone is working very hard to preserve the number of internship spots as well as the excellent history of dietetics training across Ontario.  

Students should stay updated on the status of all Ontario programs by monitoring the Dietitians of Canada website for current information regarding program availability.  

We appreciate that this is a stressful time for all students applying to dietetics training programs In Ontario and all are diligently working to provide you with further information as quickly as possible.

Updated November 22, 2018

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