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WHO Growth Charts for Canada

The WHO Growth Charts for Canada for monitoring the growth of infants and children in the public health and primary care settings were redesigned and reissued in March 2014 , and were reviewed again in 2019. These charts were redeveloped through a collaboration led by Dietitians of Canada and included the Canadian Paediatric Society, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Community Health Nurses of Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group. This self-instructional training package has been designed for the convenience of busy practitioners to support and enhance their understanding of the use and interpretation of the WHO Growth Charts Adapted for Canada.

See below to access the growth charts, health professional and public resources and to register for the training program.
Register for the Training Program

Resources for Health Professionals

A Health Professional's Guide to using the WHO Growth Charts

This guide introduces the charts, shares key features and illustrates how to perform accurate anthropometric measurements.

A Health Professional's Guide

BMI Calculator

Use this CDC percentile calculator for children and teens.

BMI Calculator

WHO Growth Chart Assessment and Counselling – Key Messages and Actions

This chart shows key steps to take when assessing growth of children 0-19 years and key messages for discussions on growth.

Assessment and Counselling

Questions and Answers for Health Professionals

Q & A's on the growth monitoring tools.

Questions and Answers

Weighing and Measuring Infants and Children

Watch this video for instructions on how to weigh and measure infants and children.

Weighing and Measuring Infants and Children

The Rourke Baby Record

This evidence-based set of guidelines for pediatric primary healthcare practitioners covers growth and nutrition monitoring, development, immunizations, physical exams and more.

The Rourke Baby Record

More Information

Collaborative Public Policy Statement

This statement presents recommendations and the rationale for implementation of the growth charts for monitoring children's growth.

Collaborative Policy Statement

Summary of Design Changes

The growth charts were reissued in March 2014 and address the primary design issues.

Summary of Design Changes
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