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Sit, Eat, Thrive: How positioning and adaptive equipment can help in the management of dysphagia

Date and Time: June 16, 12-1 pm ET
Hosted by: The Dysphagia, Assessment and Treatment (DAT-N) Network 
Speaker: Janice Duivestein, BSR OT/PT, MRSc

After this webinar participants will be able to:
• Describe how posture can impact on eating, drinking and swallowing (EDS) ability.
• Identify common postural problems within their workplace settings and describe the impact on EDS .
• Recommend and evaluate simple solutions to address postural problems.
• Identify basic adaptive devices and evaluate their usefulness for individuals with EDS.
• Identify when to seek consultation from a therapist to address assistive and adaptive equipment needs.

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This event is now closed. Members of the DATN may view the recording on the Network Portal.  

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