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New supports for virtual practice and employee health benefits

The DC Employee Health Benefits Advocacy advisory committee continues to work on making employers and the public aware that dietitians can work with clients virtually and that dietitian services are covered under most employee health benefit plans. During the pandemic, the committee wants to ensure that this message gets amplified and support private practice dietitians who are small business owners and have had their income affected by COVID-19. Here are some recent actions:
Virtual practice feature added to the Find a Dietitian database 
Coming soon to the Find a Dietitian database will be “virtual” and “in person” indicators to help users quickly identify the kinds of services available from each practitioner.  In the meantime, we have added messaging to remind users that virtual appointments are often available. 
Social Media toolkit to support private practice dietitians during COVID-19
DC has put together a social media toolkit for dietitians who want to remind Canadians that dietitians are available to see clients virtually.  The toolkit includes 10 different graphics along with standard messages that you can share to your own channels as is, or modify to suit your audience and voice.  Download the toolkit here

Videos for Mercer Canada clients 
DC is working with Mercer Canada on a series of bilingual videos for their clients to share with their employees that promotes the availability of virtual dietitian services. This represents 3-4 million employees across Canada.

Dietitian supports on the Telus Health eClaims platform
Watch this presentation to learn more about eClaims and virtual consults.  This page also includes FAQs and a list of insurers accepting claims for virtual services.  DC has connected with TELUS Health on setting up additional insurers on their platform. If you're not yet registered for eClaims, sign up here

Public promotion of virtual services on DC channels and through networks
  • New messages about virtual services and using the Find a Dietitian database have been added to the most popular articles on 
  • The DC Media Network will include messages about virtual practice during interviews.
  • DC social media channels frequently promote the services of private practice dietitians.
DC is also working on this issue at the Federal level to ensure government benefits consider the needs of private practice dietitians. Find out what benefits are now available.
Please reach out to your Regional Executive Director with the challenges you are facing or if you have stories to share. You can also join the new Facebook group, Dietitians of Canada COVID-19 Response Group.
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