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Honourary Patron Award 

The Board of Directors is honoured to announce Ellen Pruden as the 2020 Honourary Patron Award.  This award is bestowed on an individual who is not a dietitian, but has advanced the dietetics profession through their work. 

With 20 years of experience in food and agriculture education, and as the director of Canola Eat Well for Life, Ellen Pruden’s influence goes far beyond advocacy for the industry. Ellen has used her personal ties to Canadian agriculture to create unique and innovative opportunities for dietitians to learn about the complex world of farming and food production and has given us confidence to share that information as credible experts. Ellen’s involvement in building the profile of dietitians as key stakeholders within the food community cannot be overstated, as she regularly creates opportunities for dietitians working in media, private practice, science and education. For her contributions to the advancement of dietetics and dietitians during her career, the Board of Directors of Dietitians of Canada bestows the Honourary Patron designation to Ellen Pruden.

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Previous Award Winners

​In 2013, the Honourary Life Membership recognition was changed to Honourary Patron.

Dr. David Jenkins was the Honourary Patron Award winner in 2019. Dr. Karen Skinner, Mike Hill, Jack MacDonald, Paul Pencharz and Stan Zlotkin were previously awarded Honourary Life Membership status.

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