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Nutrition status and services and Trisomy 21

Date and time: November 22 at 12pm ET
Hosted by: The Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Network and Pediatric Network
Speaker: Maria Baranowski, MSc, RD, PhD student and co-chair of the DOC Network
Little is known about the nutritional status of Canadians born with Trisomy 21, or their experience receiving nutrition services, as nutrition and health research and services have not historically included or represented these individuals equitably. Current clinical practice guidelines for the provision of care to individuals born with Trisomy 21 do not include specific nutrition recommendations, despite their apparent increased risk of experiencing nutrition-related conditions and diseases throughout the lifespan. Join Maria for a discussion about her proposed research study that aims to determine the nutritional status and lived experience receiving nutrition services of Canadian children born with Trisomy 21 and their families. She hopes her research work will inform future inclusive nutrition and health research and practice related to Trisomy 21, and contribute to achieving health and nutrition equity for Canadians born with Trisomy 21.

To register: This event is now closed. The recording is accessible for free to members of the DOC and Pediatric Nutrition Networks on their Network portals. 
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