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OSAP Advocacy Infographic

June 25, 2020

Ontario’s OSAP Advocacy Advisory Committee has completed their final task by developing an infographic to raise concerns and recommendations regarding the 2019 changes for the Ontario Student Assistance Program. With less grants and funding available for dietetic students, it has undoubtedly created more barriers to accessing education, maintaining health and wellness, as well as expanding and diversifying the dietetic profession.

This infographic provides a foundation for you – students, new graduates, dietetic program coordinators and directors, dietitians – to take this issue to the next step. Gather support from your peers and colleagues. Send a letter along with this infographic to your local MPPs and decision-makers. Let’s reduce the inequity and amplify the potential of the dietetic profession!

Download the infographic here.

Special thanks and acknowledgement to the OSAP Advocacy Advisory Committee members: Jennifer Buccino, Pierrette Buklis, Sarah Burnett, Lindsay Chan, Gurneet Dhami, Lesley Macaskill, Safura Syed, Jessie Trupp, and Ching-Lam (Stacey) Wong.
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