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Food and Nutrition Policy

One of DC's key priorities is to ensure that dietitians have opportunities to shape food and nutrition environments and influence key decision makers.  Together with members, DC advocates for food and nutrition policies to enhance the health of Canadians and support sustainable food systems. 

Learn more about how dietitians impacted the development of national food policy, along with sustainability and food insecurity actions by using the menu items on the right. 

What can you do to learn more or get involved?

If you would like to be informed of the different government health consultations, you can sign up for Canada’s Stakeholder Information Management System. We encourage you to provide feedback to consultations on your area of practice.

We will inform members of opportunities to respond individually to consultations and provide input to shape DC responses. Subscribe to Your Weekly Update and follow DC Social Media to stay up to date. For more information on how to get involved, contact

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