With the growing public interest in food and nutrition and its role in preventing and managing chronic diseases and obesity, the demand for dietitians is expected to increase. The federal government projects a labour shortage because of this and the anticipated degree of retirements. 

Interested in a Career in Food and Nutrition?

This one page bilingual factsheet  describes the training, education and roles and workplaces of dietitians.
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What does it take to become a dietitian? Find out about the academic requirements.
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Post-Graduate Practicum Program Match

Effective immediately, Dietitians of Canada will no longer be coordinating the annual post-degree Practicum Program Match.  Students are advised to visit the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice website to review the programs and application information for accredited practicum programs offered in Canada. 
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International Applicants

Have you completed your education as a dietitian outside Canada? Learn about the steps to qualify for practice in Canada.
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Provincial Registration Requirements

Like other regulated health professionals, dietitians must register with the provincial regulatory body in their province in order to practice.
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  • Interested in a Career in Food and Nutrition? Become a Dietitian!

    (September 2016) This one page bilingual factsheet was designed to use for high school and university career days and with those potentially interested in a career in food and nutrition. It describes the training, education and roles and workplaces of dietitians.

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    Become a preceptor and help a student/intern to reach their career goals. Assist a colleague to develop and refine their skills through your mentorship

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Become a Dietitian

Hear what members say about becoming a dietitian in Canada

Career Stories

Read the career stories of dietitians working in a wide variety of settings. You’ll learn about their backgrounds, career paths and their roles as leaders in the profession. You can also listen to career stories at the Behind the Bio Podcasts.

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