Community Food Security



Community Food Security (CFS) means that all people have safe and nutritious food. Community food security can happen if we develop food systems that:

  • Can be sustained in the long term
  • Offer healthy food choices
  • Enable the community to be self-reliant
  • Provide equal access to affordable food for everyone


The position of Dietitians of Canada (2007) on Community Food Security states that food security is a basic right for all Canadians. Dietitians of Canada (DC) recognizes that CFS has a broad scope. We see the role of the larger food system in ensuring food security. CFS involves long-term planning with a wide range of stakeholders. We all must work together toward a healthy and sustainable food system.

Dietitians are involved in:

  • Supporting community food programs
  • Conducting and applying research findings
  • Working with coalitions to find solutions and take joint action on community food security issues
  • Using our Nutrition Month campaign to promote wider use of Canadian foods and those grown closer to home

Dietitians are also involved in advocating for individual and household food security


In 2007, Dietitians of Canada published a position paper on community food security which has been shared widely with governments at all levels, the media and other stakeholders with a commitment to supporting food security nationally and at the local level.  


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