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Household Food Insecurity Network

The Household Food Insecurity Network (HFIN) provides support to DC members who are interested or involved in household food insecurity (HFI) and poverty reduction work by facilitating access to practice tools and resources, professional education and networking opportunities. 

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Who should join this network? 
Whether you work in public health, clinical or food service this network has information and activities relevant to your dietetic practice.  

Benefits of membership
  • Informative webinars featuring expert speakers on topics relevant to household food insecurity and dietetic practice. Webinars are recorded and available to view at your convenience.
  • Active discussion opportunities to share information and research in the Coast to Coast member forum. Members can post questions related to practice and gain valuable feedback from others.
  • Possibilities for network surveys and discussions throughout the year.
  • Access to blogs with focused short articles on current topics, trends and dietitian experiences. 
  • Student scholarships for HFIN student members to attend the DC conference.

Activities and Achievements:
  • Hot off the Press - a compilation of resource links pertaining to household food insecurity
  • Guided discussions hosted through the BC Food Security Gateway

Additional Reading:
Prevalence, Severity and Impact of Household Food Insecurity: A Serious Public Health Issue 

Find more food insecurity documents in the Resource Library

Leadership Team
Co-Chairs: Irena Forbes & Karen Giesbrecht 
Past Chair: Delone Abercrombie
Communications Coordinator: Nancy Saunders
Secretary: (vacant)
Regional Reps:                              

  • BC: (vacant)
  • AB: Suzanne Galesloot
  • Yukon, NU, NT: (vacant)
  • SK, MB, NW ON: Patti Eilers
  • Central and Southern ON: (vacant)
  • QC, NE and Eastern ON: (vacant) 
  • Atlantic: Madeleine Waddington
  • Student Voice: (vacant)

Cost: $38 member; $20 student member

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