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Household Food Insecurity Network

The Household Food Insecurity Network (HFIN) provides support to DC members who are interested or involved in household food insecurity (HFI) and poverty reduction work by facilitating access to practice tools and resources, professional education and networking opportunities. We also support DC advocacy work, as HFI is identified as a priority issue.

Between COVID, inflation, housing costs, extreme weather patterns, and other challenges, we are seeing new vulnerabilities and people at risk of food insecurity who were not previously in need of food, or financial aid. Pre-pandemic, an estimated one in eight Canadians (12.5%) were food insecure. We now think it is closer to one in six Canadians (16%). As part of the HFIN, we facilitate ongoing collaboration necessary for addressing these complex challenges.

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Resource document also available for HFIN members.

Who should join this network? 
The HFIN shares information and activities that will strengthen competencies in all areas of dietetic practice - public health, clinical, community, private practice, business, education, and food service. Dietitians working together and learning to use an evidence-based HFI-focus in all our professional settings will strengthen outcomes for those we care for.

Benefits of membership
  • Informative webinars, facilitated discussions and a Journal Club on topics relevant to HFI, health equity, poverty reduction and dietetic practice.
  • A network of colleagues sharing resources, research, questions, and professional development opportunities.
  • Learning to use evidence-informed principles for advocacy at all levels of HFI: Individuals experiencing marginal, moderate and severe household food insecurity.
  • Access to past webinars and other activities on current topics, trends, and dietitian’s experiences.
  • Liaise with DC on HFI related advocacy.
  • Contribute to HFI related Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition® resources.

Activities and Achievements:
Additional Reading:
Prevalence, Severity and Impact of Household Food Insecurity: A Serious Public Health Issue 

Find more documents in the Resource Library (search food insecurity)

Leadership Team

Karen Giesbrecht (Co-chair)
Lillian Yin (Co-chair)
Irena Forbes (Past Chair)
Lindsay Goodridge (Education Rep)
Katharine Yu (Communications Coordinator)
Erica Cahiill (Regional Rep - BC)
Annika Krizan (Regional Rep - AB)
Katherine Hillier (Regional Rep - SK, MB & NW ON)
Marlène Goulet (Regional Rep - QC, NE and Eastern ON)
Nicole Weber (Regional Rep - Central and Southern ON)
Nina Trask (Regional Rep - Central and Southern ON)
Heidi Boyd (Regional Rep - Atlantic Provinces)
Jane Francis (Regional Rep - Atlantic Provinces)
Théa Demmers (Student Voice)

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students

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