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Media Network

The Media Network is a practice group for dietitians, dietetic interns and nutrition students who are interested in media communications. The group provides a framework in which dietitians can share information on current practices, new developments and build on expertise in media communications.

The goal is to provide networking opportunities, resources and a forum for information sharing for members who share a common interest in media and who are passionate about raising the voice and profile of the profession.

We have a dynamic Media Network Executive Team that is passionate about helping dietitians shine in the media!

Who should join this network? 
This network is for all DC member dietitians, interns and nutrition students who have an interest in media communications – whether to learn, build media skills, work in the media or network.

Benefits of membership
5 Fantastic Reasons to Join the Media Network:
1.    Media Support Directory – coming soon! A list of food stylists, food photographers, recipe developers / recipe testers to support dietitians' work in the media. It will be FREE to Media Network members.
2.    Quarterly Newsletter – our amazing Newsletter Team provides useful newsletters featuring tips and tools for media success including Q&A’s with co-chairs. 
3.    Professional Development & Networking – webinar / events, discussions on the Coast to Coast member forum and network surveys. We’ve hosted 2 successful webinars and have more planned for 2020-21. 
4.    Tools and Resources – we are surveying our members to see what tools and resources we can create to support dietitian’s work in the media. 
5.    A dynamic Media Network Executive Team with a can-do attitude and are excited about supporting dietitians' work and interest in the media!

Activities and Acheivements
Here are just a few of the exciting projects we delivered for our members over the past year…and some to expect for 2020-21!
1.    Professional Head Shots - We partnered with the Consulting Dietitians Network to offer an affordable photo shoot at the Dietitians of Canada Conference 2019 so dietitians could get a professional head shot. We're already planning a bigger and better photo shoot for next year's conference (2021 in Montreal!)
2.    Professional Development – We hosted TWO webinars in partnership with the Culinary Network: a Food Photography Webinar and a Boosting Instagram Engagement Webinar. Both webinars were FREE to members of both Networks and they webinars are available in our library for members to watch at their leisure. We also provided a Phone Photography Info sheet for members. We plan to offer more webinars this year. 
3.     Skill Building Resources and Opportunities – We provided resources to build media communication skills including 2 free registrations for pre-conference workshop “Media training: the new rules for 2019” and 1 free registration for post-conference workshop “Working without a script”. New for this year, we’ve partnered with Food Bloggers Canada to gain access to their Food Blogger Content Calendar for our members – it’s still available for our members to order! 
4.    Quarterly Newsletter - our amazing Newsletter Team will continue to provide useful newsletters featuring tips and tools for media success including Q&A’s with co-chairs.
5.    Media Support Directory – Coming Soon! Our Resource Team is creating this tool with lists of food stylists, food photographers and recipe developers to support dietitians working in the media. It will be FREE to Media Network members!

Leadership Team:

Co-Chairs: Karie Cassell and Poonam Dattani
Network Administrator:  Novella Lui 
Newsletter Editors:  Poonam Dattani, Hannah Magee, Kim Arrey
Conference Social Events Coordinator: Poonam Dattani and Karie Cassell
Webinar Coordinator and Conference Events Coordinator: Karie Cassell and Poonam Dattani 

Cost: $35 for full members; $15 for students

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