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Media Network

The Media Network is a practice group for dietitians, dietetic interns and nutrition students who are interested in media communications. The group provides a framework in which dietitians can share information on current practices, new developments and build on expertise in media communications.
The goal is to provide networking opportunities, resources and a forum for information sharing for members who share a common interest in media and who are passionate about raising the voice and profile of the profession.

Who should join this network? 
This network is for all DC member dietitians, interns and nutrition students who have an interest in media communications – whether to learn, build media skills, work in the media or network.

Benefits of membership
  1. Media Support Directory – This is currently in development and will include a list of food stylists, food photographers, recipe developers and recipe testers to support your work in the media. FREE to Media Network members.
  2. Monthly newsletter that features a “Media Member of the Month” and media dietitians in action.
  3. Professional Development & Networking including webinars, events, resources, discussions on the Coast to Coast member forum and network surveys.
  4. National Conference Scholarship to support student members in attending the 2020 DC conference. 
  5. A brand new dynamic Media Network Executive Team in 2019. We have a can-do attitude and are excited about supporting your work and interest in the media!

Leadership Team:

Chairs: Sue Mah and Shannon Crocker
  • Amanda Hamel, Network Administrator
  • Alyssa Ramuscak, Newsletter
  • Karie Cassell, Conference Social Events
  • Katherine Hillier, Webinars and Events
  • Laurence Cousineau-Sigouin, Resource Development
  • Madison Darragh, Newsletter
  • Novella Lui, Resource Devlepment
  • Poonam Dattani, Resource Devlepment
  • Sarah Willick, Webinars and Events

Cost: $33/year

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