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Member Networks

Networks provide an opportunity for members with a common professional interest to come together across the country to support networking, professional development, and advocacy. More than 20 Networks are led by a leadership team of dedicated volunteers who manage the website, email communications, newsletters, event planning and more. Network members are encouraged to start discussions, share successes and challenges, discuss recent research and participate in online learning and in-person events. Each Network has a dedicated website and discussion forum to support Network activities and resources. Being a member of a Network is a great way to meet new colleagues and elevate one’s knowledge and expertise; or develop leadership skills by taking on a role on the executive committee.

Networks have a fee to join that is separate and additional to the DC membership fee. To join a Network, you need to go to your membership profile and select "Purchase liability insurance/Network". You can purchase a membership at any time during the membership year. A senior DC staff person supports Networks.

Review each network to find out more about their goals, activities and benefits of membership.  You can always reach out to the Network Chair to find out more about the network and if it's a good fit for you.  

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